New Cleaner

I’m working from home today. BY gave me permission to. Then now, there’s a new cleaner here, because the YZ took “leave” for the whole week – her husband going for operation. Hmm… Well well… I still need to work today so… no Hari Raya for me… *sob* *sob*

I’m watching Double Translations now, at least, I thought it is… from the Chinese words. Been at home for the whole day since 11am. Kind of lazy to go out and buy my dinner so ended up eating cereal now. Stuck at CM-356 for a long time. Didn’t know how to write… How? Unable to find Uncle BY too. Sigh… Went to see the NAFA website again. Really felt like taking up the Interior Design courses. Maybe… Miss a few classes, shouldn’t be too much? At most 2 or 3, since it starts in January. Oh no… I think I might miss 4 classes. How?

Did I ask something wrong?… I was really just joking, no intention at all… no meaning at all… I only asked if I need to pay for the car this month. But it’s really purely asking for fun. Just want to see his reaction. But I never expect that his reaction will be that big… I really don’t mean to… I feel so bad when I’m overseas. I can’t do anything. And most of the things I talked with Zhu Zhu is through online… which isn’t that good a medium… How I wish I was back home… in SG…

The whole world might not be there… all I need is one person…

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