Stuck In Apartment

First time I did felt like going out for a short walk, like to the supermarket or Mos Burger, but I can’t. Why? Because I’m stuck in the apartment. The lady came to help and clean the house. Damn… I’m kind of… hungry… a little low on sugar already because I felt a little giddy. Think should go and grab a glass of milk now before I actually faint!

Alright, I’ve got my milk. Was looking through photos of Rainie Yang, and photos of celebrities without make-up, and then photos of my friends. Sometimes I really do find that I’m a little lazy. I mean… my looks ain’t too bad. Not the pretty kind but at least it doesn’t look TOO bad. But I’m just a little too lazy to put on make-up. You know… it’s… just… plain lazy. Lazy to study my Japanese Language too. How? Sigh… it’s not a good thing you know? Sometimes I really do want to look pretty all the time but… I’m really too lazy! And my hair still looks terrible now, especially the ends… How? And I think recently, I don’t really bother about my looks anymore. I stopped taking photos too. I think partly it’s because of the damaged hair that I have now. Looks awful.

So scary! I was talking to Zhu Zhu online and watching the movie “Day of Destruction” when SUDDENLY THERE’S NO MORE INTERNET! And I tried restarting my notebook, also useless! In the end, I plugged out the power of the modem… and after quite a while, then it suddenly connected. In a split second, I felt totally cut off. It’s still better to be back in SG…

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