Reminder Emails

Sometimes I really hate to see those “reminder emails”. No, not those that you set with an alarm. It’s those that people sent out to remind you because you never reply to them. Alright, it’s fine if for example, it’s been 3-4 WORKING days and you haven’t replied. But goodness sake! I received the email last Friday, and I verbally mentioned that I’ll try and replied asap because I couldn’t get the Business Users. And for the whole of last Friday, I was busy like hell and early this morning, I received the email already. Damn it.

“Ao Ke” – meaning very lousy customers. A word I learned from NL, the admin in TW. She’s quite funny.

Been busy for the whole day trying to clear last week’s work. Due to helping with the QA, I left out a lot of my work, though it’s only ONE Friday. Plus the fact that BY wasn’t around, a lot of things I didn’t really know how to deal with it. Oh well, he’s back, which is one good thing.

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