Bi-Zu Friend!

Yes! I’ve got my BIG package! I have no idea why it’s so big but I’m so excited! *LOL* Tuesday already. 8 more days to go! Tomorrow YB and WT will be coming back. Hmm… don’t know why but I felt a bit xxxx that WT is coming. Oh, and I hate his email.

TYS just asked me to see if got anything in TW, which can bring back to sell in SG. Hmm… Seriously, there isn’t much over here. Mainly what I saw are clothes… and more clothes, and shoes, and accessories… else it’s food. Then how? Anyway, with my in TW, it’s a little difficult to have an online shop. Who’s going to do all the posting?

Oh! I just got the magazine. It’s SO GREAT!!! I ADORE THEM!!!! I really adore the way Japanese can design those jewellery, it’s… *speechless*… *GRINNING*

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