Queenie? Shit…

I dreamt of hugging my Zhu Zhu and eating mee siam, fried chicken etc. with him… Life’s so good… NL called and checked, there’s some problem with the internet line. Hopefully later can fix it.

I have no idea who is this Queenie, where is she from… But… I don’t have a good impression of people with this name. Yes. Blamed it on Queenie Wong. OH GROSS!! *NAG NAG NAG NAG NAG NAG NAG…* Who the hell wants to have this kind of name, other than that QW! King-nie, Princ-ie, Princess-ie. =.=”’ OH GROSS!

It really is true that when someone is being asked a question (not face-to-face) that they don’t know the answer, they will tend to NOT give ANY response at all. =.=”’

Oh… when am I going to be married to my beloved Darling?… Oh… when will I have children for my beloved Darling?… Oh Oh… I’m so bored… and I’m going back now! Woohoo!

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