I’m A Happy Little Girl

Happy little girl going back to her home sweet home today!

Damn… What is that smell…? Did someone farted?

Damn! What is that smell again? Did someone farted AGAIN? *stares at the guy sitting beside… his shoes was off…*

I saw my sister and DW! So happy!

So funny just now. We went to buy food at 401. Then met Zhu Zhu at Ken’s CP before going up. My sister went in first, then DW (with the food). Then the aunties and uncles were like “Aiyo… how come buy so many food?” Then… me and Zhu Zhu went in. My mum was so shocked and started grumbling when she knew she was tricked! But it was really funny…

So long never hug Zhu Zhu to sleep already… SOOOOOO NICE…

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