BIG Caterpillar In VEG!

Friday… I’m on leave… *YAWN* But I have to wake up early to go home. Meeting my parents to go out.

YUCKS! GROSS!! I just saw an extremely big caterpillar (4cm long, 5mm thick) in the plate of vegetables THAT I’m EATING!!! =.=”’ I totally lost my appetite. Some more at Fei Cui… Sigh… I can only say, I saved my parents (one from getting a fright, another one from eating it down – dead or alive).

Shopped for the whole day with my mum. Couldn’t find a decent pale blue coloured dress. Called Bee and she haven’t go and find yet. How? Darling came over to my house. He’s quite nice actually. Sometimes. Most of the time. ^^ So good to be back home!

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