~Lost In Translation~

I’m in the training now, I’m here in case they need any translation. One week later, I’ll be going back to TW. Sigh… Today almost couldn’t wake up. I’m so tired. But luckily Darling will be coming to my house to overnight. I’ll be meeting LL and her ang moh boyfriend tonight!

Training ended. Well, at least it wasn’t as bad as we imagined. SC just messaged and asked if want to meet up. Hmm… I think I’m a little packed, ain’t I? Met C&G yesterday, later LL, tomorrow going out with company, Thursday will go out with my Zhu Zhu, Friday supposedly meeting NN (confirming now)… then… like not much time already. No weekends. It’s time for my Darling and family!

Saw LL! And her bf!! So long never see her already and it really felt nice to see her again. Happy that she’s happy. Well, after all, it’s really “as long as she’s happy” right? Although will miss her… And her bf is REALLY tall! I really mean REALLY tall. I’m like an elf beside him. *LOL* Went to meet Leon and Zhu for supper after that. But got gastric while eating. Think I ate too much for the past few days.

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