Greedy Me

I know, I shouldn’t have ate so much for the past few days… Pain… Stomach bloated… and… my flight had been postponed 2 days! YEAH!

Alright, I got convinced to go for the pool with them, for a short while. But it was a little terrible. We took a train to Clementi and had to walk ALL THE WAY to the Recreation Club! Terrible… plus it was drizzling at that point. By the time we reached (me, WM, LJ, BR and Lil’ P), nobody wanted to go and play the pool yet. In the end, I waited till Uncle YB to reach. He said he’ll “give” me 8 balls, meaning, I only need to hit 1 ball into the hole. Guess what? He won! *LOL* I never manage to hit any ball in but subsequent games, I think I got better. He said that my position wasn’t right… so…

Darling came to fetch me at 9.30pm. We went to watch Max Payne at TB Plaza, which seriously, wasn’t as good as the Eagle Eye! I overnight at his house again but… it’s good to have him beside me while I sleep… ^^

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