Essentials Of Business Analysis

My first day of course, alone. Hmm…

Okay, conclusion after first half of the course, where we briefly give some short introduction on our own. There were 10 of us – 5 from one company called ESRI, another 3 from CNN, and 1 from Jurong Port, and lastly, me. From the short introduction, can see that the 5 people from CNN, they are very good at talking, selling, whereas the rest (in my table) seems those rather quiet ones. Anyway… I felt rather bored… but the course was a little interesting…

Oh… the buffet was… hmm… free? But it cost like $35/pax!!! Goodness… It’s a little expensive for the International buffet. There wasn’t a lot of varieties. I guess the cost came from the durian cakes, durian puffs and the durian paste. Durians… *puke*

Back to course after lunch. Almost fell asleep… *yawn*

I walked to PS then went to meet Zhu Zhu at SP to go home (his home). Still couldn’t find the little blue dress for CC’s wedding. Naughty Zhu Zhu, called and told me that he’s on his way back home already, said I never told him I’m meeting him. But… he’s still very cute!

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