2nd Day Of BA Course

Stupid bus driver! Stupid lady! Damn pissed off! I was leaving for the course already (which by right, I’m not late). But when I wanted to cross the overhead bridge, I realised that I left my hp in Zhu Zhu’s house, so I returned and got it. By the time I reached the bus stop, I just missed the bus by 1 minute. Anyway… never mind. I was already running late by then when the bus finally came. I boarded it and… waited till my stop was reaching. So I stood up and walked towards the exit. By then, I probably will only be late for like 5 minutes. But then, when the bus stopped at the traffic light, don’t know what’s the reason, probably he thought that the lady accidentally pressed the bell, so he opened and closed the door again – which I never noticed that the “BUS STOPPING” sign was off. And then asked the lady to tap her EZLink card (apparently she seems to want to act blur and never pay). So… eventually… that bus driver never stopped at the bus stop that I want and went straight to the next one. TMD… Luckily the bus stop wasn’t too far away. And some more, it’s drizzling then. I had to walk all the way back. Sigh… late for 20 minutes. =.=”’

Yes! The course finally ended! Have I learnt anything? Yes, I would say yes but to implement it into my work… Hmm… will have to think think a bit. ^^ Talked with the lady sitting beside me for the past 2 days. Her name is Constance, Constance Kiung. Very unique surname. Apparently she stayed in the NE area because she’s going to Serangoon for her guitar course. Well… I didn’t get her contacts though. I went home after that. Tired.

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