As I walked towards the McDonald’s… I saw this guy looking and smiling at me… Hmm… Looks like… YJ! *LOL* Met him and SC for breakfast at 10am. SC was late, very late. She woke up only when I SMS her. Terrible but funny. Anyway, she treated us for the breakfast because she’s late and then we chatted away… Before we realised, it was already 2pm!

We parted and then I made my way back home. Prepared and rushed out to meet my Darling at his school before we went for our lunch at the Kopitiam. Then we went home and took a short nap. Almost overslept again! Luckily KC called… Guess where we are going today? We are going to PLAY – a gay pub near Maxwell Market. So excited!

Alright… there wasn’t much in the gay pub. Just a lot of guys, cute guys. 90% of guys. So sad that they ain’t straight. A little bit of hugging and rubbing here and there. But else nothing much. CL doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself, nor is KC. I guessed… I think… they are getting old already. Me? Nope… I never really enjoy it also. OH NO! I’m getting old too! *LOL*

We went to Jln Kayu for roti prata and went home after that… at like 4am in the morning. *face rotting…* And… yes… I thought I saw KKL… but… I’m not too sure because that guy seems a little fat.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JY!!! ^^ Old already!

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