My Lil’ Cousin – TJT

37/50! Very good! That’s the result for English for my little cousin! Today is his birthday, 7th birthday. Will be bringing him to buy his own presents later. Should award him sometimes, right?

So funny when he was choosing his presents… took 1 only and actually said that it’s enough. Anyway, finally got him like 1 remote control car, 8 small cars and 1 gun. That’s a lot!

Sometimes I’m really so pissed with his mum until I wanted to scold her. It’s her own son’s birthday, why make things until so ugly?! Like everything so “cham” for her… It’s not as if her husband never tell her. Just that it’s a bit late (the morning itself). But hey! I only got to know it in the afternoon! I don’t see the reason for being angry and DELIBERATELY late for dinner and made everyone wait… Terrible… He shouldn’t get married. She should just marry to those guys who got enough money to stuff it into her mouth and make her shut up and probably she don’t mind him beating or torturing her! F*!

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