… *Speechless*… Lawyers…

I just reached TW’s apartment, and switched on the notebook and called my mum, and when I was just about to call Zhu Zhu, he replied to my SMS and said that he already asked FK to accompany him, since she works near there. I’m not paranoid but maybe I’m just not exactly that happy when his good friend is a female… I know there’s nothing between the 2 of them but still… the moment when I’m back in TW, I seriously felt the distance between us, and the insecurity that I have. A little giddy now… I still prefer to be back home. I think… I can only don’t think so much… else I’ll really get paranoid. And I’m really feeling giddy… For love or for money?

Seriously, do you like to work in TW? No, the answer is no. I’m a person who feels very insecure and need someone I love, beside me, literally. And everytime I’m in TW, I can feel that I’m not thinking RIGHT. My mind starts to wander. No, not that I don’t have things to do. I have a lot but I just don’t have the mood to. I’m not that happy. For the past 2 weeks, everything seems really balance. My work, my love, my life but the moment I’m back in TW, everything seems wrong. I shouldn’t be here. 3 more trips including this one. I need my Darling beside me. Without him, I felt so lost. Like it’s the end of the world.

Wow… he got another $5,500… The lawyer was apparently “eating” up the money! Story? Remember that Zhu Zhu got into a bike-cab accident a few months ago. Well, now the cab’s insurance company is paying the compensation and the lawyer told WZ that it’s $1,500. But he remembered that before that, the lawyer told him that it’s $3,500. So he found it a bit weird and went to check with the insurance company and realised that they actually paid $7,000 for the injury!! So where does the $5,500 goes if WZ never go check? Lawyer’s pocket… of course… Moral of the story? If you want to “eat”, don’t “eat” too much. Will caused indigestion.

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