Cannot Use Credit Cards

I seemed to miss out on all the fun. Friday… 28 more days to go. Damn!

This month, I must try and stop using the credit card! I calculated my spending for last month and it adds up to like $1068! Goodness! I didn’t know I spent that much in just 2 weeks! Sigh… Will try and sell off my beads and get some money back.

I am so sleepy… Really fell asleep just now… *YAWN* I roughly calculated, excluding the books, I think I spent around $500 to buy all the beads (in SG and TW). I must try and earn it back first before I start to buy some more. At least I must get back $200 before I spend half of it to buy more things, right?

Okay, I just did some rough calculations, I probably will spend another $300-$500 when Zhu Zhu and his mother. Hmm… think I better don’t anyhow spend money for these 2 months – November and December. I still need to save like $20,000, remember? *stress* No… better to earn money from the beads first before I start buying. Must control!!!

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