“Getting Used”

Today the uncle will be back, which means I won’t be alone anymore. But seriously speaking, I seemed to get more used to the life over here, alone, enjoying the peace. And even when Zhu Zhu said he will be going out with this or that, or that… I don’t seem to feel much. Is it because I’m getting used to it? Or am I just getting numb?

I woke up and found something weird. I THOUGHT I switched off all the lights yesterday night but when I woke up today, the lights in the living room were on. Is it me? Or is there someone else…?

Why are there so many people asking me when I’m getting married? Oh… I’m so sick of it. Put it this way, my bf is younger than me and he’s not ready to settle down and get married yet, and I don’t want to “force” him, SO, I HAVE NO IDEA WHEN I’M GETTING MARRIED. Sigh… Yesterday he said that sometimes he felt that he ruined my life because… firstly, I have to wait for a little longer to get married because he don’t wished to get married so early. Secondly, his mum will move in and stay with us eventually which is something that actually I don’t really want. Is it true? No… or maybe the first one yes… but… I can feel he’s really not ready yet. So… what’s the point of getting married? I don’t wish to get married because I AM the one who wants to get married.

After a while, when you are the only one who seems to be putting in effort all the time, you’d stopped.

Okay… I’ve got a really very bad news. BY just reached and told me that our company will split into 2 groups – by Project or by Product. If by Project, then will be based in TW. If by Product, then will be based in SG (NG), which isn’t as stable. How? I can try and become PM too but that will be in TW TOO! =.=”’ I want to be in SG but I don’t want to be in NG doing by Product. Oh… this is terrible…

The Massacre @ X will begin soon…

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