Looking at the circumstances in my office, seriously, it doesn’t seem appealing to stay on. I’d looked at the pros of staying in each place and yes, as much as being in TW is rather tempting, that isn’t really a choice of mine. If I can, I hope that I’ll be in SG, with my family, with my bf, with my friends, doing the things that I like, leading a simple life. But I know I need to save money, in order to leave this company. And for the past 2 months, I think I spent too much, which I shouldn’t. So… that’s it…

I received the sms that told me to wait for an hour before he called me… the call that will brighten up my day. And finally it came… and it lasted for less than a minute… with no kisses… no “I love you”… just… “I’m sleeping… bye bye”… and if you realised… for almost a week without me saying “I love you”… He don’t seem to care… Sometimes I really feel so stupid. Why do I still bother when he doesn’t really bother…?

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