Staying With Colleagues

It’s a Saturday. BY is talking to WT now… about the UI document… Oh… I hate it when you stays with your colleagues because it makes it so easy for them to ask you to WORK! WT will be coming to TW next Tuesday. Sigh… Seriously, I’m quite done with staying here. But to go outside to work… it seems scary… Still, I have to try right?

So bored… really don’t like to stay in TW. As much as my superior, aka BY, wanted me to stay in TW… I don’t really want. But honestly speaking… do I stay in SG or continue to stay in TW? The economy seems to be getting worse. Just called Zhu Zhu but the reception seems bad and he don’t have the patience to wait for it to get better. Sigh… miss him but yet cannot talk. And all he did was “Don’t want to talk already. Don’t want to talk already.” and hung up the phone because he couldn’t hear anything… I don’t understand… why people like to work overseas?…

Darling is asleep now. Uncle went out for dinner. It’s midnight already. I just finished bathing and is now on my bed. I need to update my resume. It seems scary but I know I had to do it. I don’t mind travelling to and fro from SG to other countries. But I do mind being posted to another country. It’s all a lie. It will never stop. First they’ll tell you 3 months, then 6 months… and then 1 year. I had to stop this. I know I had to. Else… my 2009 will be spent overseas.

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