Terrible… the wind is so big and the temperature is so low… And it’s in the morning! I’m quite sure it’s almost the same as Genting or even colder! It’s like only 18 to 29 degree celsius!

This is so making me furious! What is a UI document for? At first it’s simple, then now add and add until the scope is so BIG! And the frustrating thing is… I’m supposed to do a template and example only, so I’m not supposed to do so much. But when I do too little, they kept asking how come don’t have this and don’t have that. It’s the same as the stupid SOW! Sigh…

NL talking on the phone with LC regarding the apartments… Goodness… She wants to stuff 16 person in 8 rooms! Crazy BITCH! I’m deducting her points… I don’t know why… But somehow she seems a little fake. Same as GC… Sigh… the HRs and Accts… Damn, I seriously don’t want to stay in the same apartment (worst case, same room) with IC! That will be one of the point which I will consider not staying in TW. I’m sure. Don’t even doubt. I don’t like to stay in the same room with her. I don’t like to share my room. SOOOOOOOO inconvenient. I rather take a smaller room. I NEED PRIVACY.

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