No Mood

I don’t have the mood to do anything. I just feel like going back to Singapore now. I’ve got a few things to clear the following week but… sigh… Uncle BY went Taipei today for meeting. The stupid meeting that will change a lot of people’s fate.

Alright, went Chun Shui Tang to buy dinner – Gongfu noodle, middle wings and garlic toast. Yes, it’s a lot but I’m hungry now already! Just now chatted with NN for a short while and she said, “Sometimes I really wonder if it’s worth it to be working overseas for that amount of money”. Yes… I wondered about that too… I came here for experience, just 6 months, not 1 year plus… But if I chose to be in SG, the uncle will be rather disappointed. And in a way, it seems rather irresponsible to just leave the uncle here? Sigh… and yes, more or less my future in this company will end here. 4 years.

I finally made a bracelet using the safety pins. Nice!

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