Lousy Guy

Nadi came online today. She said it’s over. Told me a bunch of things. I couldn’t believe the words that her hubby still dare to say after all these things, when he was the one who is in the wrong. This kind of hubby actually existed. Sigh… And I hate seeing F’s email. 1 sentence and expects me to decipher…

I felt lonely… like nobody is around except me. Colleagues that I can clique with… left one after another… and then they went to another country to work, or else… they became so busy. Everyone seems to be so busy except for me. Am I getting that useless already? Seriously, I don’t expect my bonus to be as good as last year. I don’t felt like I’d did anything. Not much after the Project A. So… I know I need to go but what can I do?

What is happening? I don’t seem to have faith in myself. The confidence seems to have lost. There’s a lot of things which I feel that I can’t achieve. Half the day is gone and I’m sitting down in the office, wasting my time away… Why? What is happening?

No… Everytime my menses is coming and if I’m overseas alone, I get very upset and temperamental. It’s not good for my health.

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