World Coming To An End?

~I see trees of green… Red roses too… I see them bloom… For me and you… And I think to myself… What a wonderful world…~

I just bought 5 tops for myself! Reduced from 8 to 5, not too bad already right? At least I’m willing to reduce it! And it cost like NT$1002. NL is going to help me transfer the money to that seller’s account ^^ So nice…

Went to eat Thai food just now with the Dashu and NL again. So full… Then I went back to take the jacket from 0918 because both of them adviced me to. They said it will be really cold at night. Oh well… Let’s see how cold it will be.

Saw the news from all over the world. The top 3 in the car industry in USA is having some problems. Australia also having some problems. Citibank is retrenching people and so are a lot of other companies. Pirates increasing too! Well done!

Damn. LS because of the Thai food. And now it’s FREEZING COLD outside! And I think I can get blown away rather easily! AND I MADE A PENGUIN OUT OF BEADS!! ^^

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