*Look Around* Empty.

Breezy morning… Walked a distance to get my breakfast. LS in the morning again.

Alright, today is Thursday and I forgot to take the plug to the office, and I can’t seem to find any plug around. At least, not that I saw any. And, there’s no one in the room today. NL went down to Taipei. Sigh… Well… it’s time for me to concentrate and start working too. For the past few days, I have no idea what I did. BY just sms me early in the morning about the CM book. Damn. I hate that. Especially when he got so many things to do and just dumped me that. Put it this way. I just don’t have the mood to do things when I’m in TW. Oh yes, fire me. Great! Then probably I’ll just totally concentrate on my bead business, and go towards the more “artistic” direction!

My eyes seems to be closing… It’s Thursday. Thursday only. I’ve still got tomorrow. It’s lunch time but I ain’t hungry. I felt like a bird, trapped and abandoned in a room, in a far-away place. I longed for my home, in that hot and warm place, which I called home. Suddenly… I missed the sun…

It’s about 6pm. The sky outside is dark, I bet it must be really cold and windy. Let’s check the temperature… 12-16 degree celsius. Great. Another night like yesterday… I managed to finish quite a few things, although it doesn’t seems like the best of work but yes, I finished it. I think I need a short break, just go to the sunny beach in my sunny island on a sunny day, and lie down there in the tent with my Zhu Zhu, and cursing and swearing away on the weather because we both were covered with our own sweat. Wouldn’t that be nice? ^^ I miss my Zhu Zhu… SMS him *Giggles*

I made another 3 penguins! 2 of them is me and Zhu Zhu (pink and blue), and another one is bright pink! They look so cute! Saw the email that they will deliver the clothes to the office tomorrow. So excited!

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