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*Patiently waiting…* 5 tops, cost me about less than $50… I wonder how is the quality. It’s 10am, I’m still waiting. Too bad NL isn’t here. Else she will help me to take note. Now, it’s only me and the bunch of guys outside. Hmm… Today like nothing much to do except for CM-356. *Bored* Oh yes! Darling having exams today. Must remember to wish him GOOD LUCK later. ^^ Having menses, finally not late for a long time. But today having menses cramp. Must remember to make appointment for facial too.

Alright, I just got the package, I meant the clothes. But there’s 4 pieces instead of 5. The white one which my Zhu Zhu likes a lot, is out of stock. Hmm… Conclusion? Yes, the picture is ALWAYS nicer. A few things to note. Cannot buy clothes with elastic bands. Can only buy clothes, where the materials are those soft soft kind, the rest, better not. Will I buy again? Probably not. Out of the 4 that I got, which I haven’t tried on yet, I think I probably will like 2 of it only. Hmm… the rest… I think I have to try and make-do with it. Later probably go back to the apartment and try it on. *Pray hard*

Hooray! I just got my first customer – ES! She bought 5 pairs of earrings. Of course previously I did promise to make some for SS, but that’s different right? My first $13 for the earrings I made! Hmm… but it still seems a long way to earn back the profit. But it’s OKAY! I must not lose the faith. Okay, think I’m going back to try out those stupid clothes already. ^^

Guess what? I’d washed the clothes just now! I meant the new clothes which I just received. Apparently, it fits rather nicely, just that the workmanship ain’t as good. But what do you expect? Each piece cost only like $10 bucks. There’s only 4 pieces, which means total is NT$719 = SGD$34. So one piece cost an average of SGD$9!

NL is back! ^^ BY will be back tonight. *sulk* I still thought I’ve got freedom until tomorrow afternoon. Well… let’s hope he come back really late tonight! Oops…

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