Ganbatte! Petite Pep!

It’s morning and amazing I woke up before 9am on a Saturday! Couldn’t really sleep already so might as well wake up, right? Then now I’m trying to prepare all the earrings for ES. Hmm… But there’s still one problem, how should the packaging be? I’ve got the name cards… but it’s different design, but I thought maybe I can finish using them and then re-design the new one! And probably become gift cards? Oh well, we shall see how it goes… Good morning!

Sometimes I really wonder if the cleaner DID wash the cups. The cup was filled with dried orange pulp!

My Darling is really cute. I am making this pony now, with crystal beads, and I got stuck at the ears, didn’t know how to continue. So I told him, and guess what? He sent me a link, showing a pony, and said “make it sharp sharp lo”.

I finished the pony, finally. But… it doesn’t look as cute as the penguin… Probably because it’s too big? Uncle BY is back. Zhu Zhu is out with K&G. Should I go out with Uncle BY? Hmm… stay in apartment also nothing to do right? Might as well…

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