Changed Flight!

Yeah! I’m returning early again! Yes… maybe the HR will make noise again but who cares! Uncle BY wants me to go back early and discuss with my family. Sigh… Is there anything to discuss? I really doubt… Seems like… Sigh… I also don’t know. At one moment, I’m alright with staying. Then at the next moment, I totally don’t feel like staying. How?

Uncle BY went to TPE already. Left me again! Hmm… what should I eat for dinner tonight? Need to pack my luggage already.

I don’t know why but I feel so sad… Maybe it’s because I’m going back to SG. No… I want to go back… But everytime when I’m back, I don’t want to go to TW. Going to TW makes me feel so sad… And this time, it would mean that I will need to make a decision – to extend my stay in TW or not? Tell me how… My luggage is packed. I miss my Zhu Zhu…

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