Just ONE More Day

Isn’t it nice to know that you are going back tomorrow? Although it’s not permanently (yet). I complained to HR just now. Maybe it’s of no use but at least, I DID complain once. And the next time, I won’t be so nice anymore. Harassment… I ASKED MY ZHU ZHU TO COME AND WHACKED HIM!

I don’t have mood to do things already. But good enough, at least it’s till now, at 6.10pm, then I start to have no mood to work. I felt tired. Not sure exactly why. Hmm… what should I eat later? Don’t really have the appetite. Hmm… Just felt like sleeping. Oh gosh… my “business” doesn’t seem to be picking up. How? Eyes closing already. Nothing for me to buy. Hmm… Got stuck in one SOW. Lost, probably. BY’s flight got delayed for 2 hours. I hope mine won’t, tomorrow. What was I doing, one year ago, today? Let me see…

I made another bracelet! Seriously, I realised that those accessories that I made, if it’s too nice, I don’t bear to sell it off! How? This is nuts! I’ll end up having lots of accessories but none to sell! =.=”’

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