All Guys Are Realistic

Oh… Totally no mood to work. I chatted with BY and LA today. My answer? I agreed, and probably to ONE year some more. Well… it all depends, I guess… LA… agreed to go on some conditions too. Sigh… Why is the economy so bad? I think I’m really going to miss my Darling a lot… *CRY*

SS really lost weight! 2-3kg. Can see a little bit of improvements. Hope she continued this. Apparently she still likes to eat the fries from LJ and refused to stop when I asked her to. Anyway… she (had always) wants to have a bf so I told her to come and look for me when she successfully finished her diet program. HELLO? All guys are realistic (and probably girls too). If one guy saw a girl who is a little fat, doubt he will approach her unless they are already friends. First impression is important. Am I right?

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