Rush Here, Rush There

Another busy day… I need to go for my dental appointment and then after that rush down to Punggol to try out the gown.

*CRY* The orthodontist actually told me that the treatment is ending… But why am I not happy? Because I could have gone for appointment every 2 weeks BUT I’m not in SG!!!!! *CRY* I felt SOOOOOO unbalanced.

Cute place. A rental for gowns etc in a HDB flat. And it’s really nice. And cheap too. I tried the dress. Saw YR, he’s still the same, just a little ya-ya… Anyway, they got a flat at block 699 near my house! 5-room flat for $400k++.
I thought I had time to rest but in the end, I actually asked my mum to go shopping. Hmm… I mean… I’m back only for a short while, should accompanied her right? Though… I’m really very tired already. Can feel the tiredness already…

Today… really rush here and there and everywhere. I’m now in a restaurant – Absolute Haven, with my Primary School friends. And guess what? WO’s company is actually in the same building as mine! Just that I never saw her till yesterday, which I thought it was her but didn’t get the chance to call her (I’m afraid I recognized the wrong person). Anyway, she’s really sweet in a way, and her figure was proportional. Sigh… tonight, I really look like a small little kid who looks so pale and haggard. Damn. Sometimes I really hate myself for being so lazy. Half of us went KTV after that. But I only joined a short while before Zhu Zhu came and fetched me. Sometimes, he’s really very sweet.

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