T.K.O. = Totally Knocked Out

“Darling, wake up for breakfast already”…

That was what I heard when he kept shaking me. And all I replied was, “You go and buy breakfast already then wake me up”. But… he already bought and it’s already 12pm! And I didn’t know any of it! Guess I really totally K.O.

For the whole day, I never do anything. Sort of stoned for the whole day until in the evening where I’m supposed to meet CC & her sisters for dinner. Weird that AB chose to have it at a pub.

SO FUN! Hen’s party for CC! No wonder they want to hold it there. Altogether, CC drank like 12 shots of different kind of alcohol. Of course she puked, and rather badly too. But subsequently after that, she’s alive again! But the fun part was when the waiters actually put the whip cream on AB’s thigh and the shot in between his legs, and asked CC to lick the whip cream and drink the shot without using her hands. It was really funny. Seriously. Oh. I’m fainting soon. okay, I’m happy to be BACK!

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