Having A “Heavy” Head

Oh… Pain…

I couldn’t wake up, really. Having headaches… very bad headaches… Must be the lack of sleep and the too-many-things-to-do-ahead that’s troubling me. Better go and see doctor soon after wrapping my sis’s Christmas present.

Guess who I saw just now when I went to buy the ribbons after seeing the doctor? BQ! He’s on MC also. Anyway, we had a short chat at Mac. He was so funny (and fat), he actually took out his seat from the bicycle to prevent people from stealing. I mean, it’s a foldable bicycle, so it’s rather “detachable”. Anyway, he showed me a photo of him in spiderman suit. Gross! I’d never seen such a fat spiderman in my whole life! *PUKE* Then after that he mentioned that ET broke up with RN. Hmm… I don’t really believe because these 2 seems to patch and break on and off…. *Thinks back a few years ago…* Sigh… Shit. Paper cut.

Darling finished exams already! And he’s now in my house chiong-ing the game. TMD… LC and him chiong until level 20+ already! So fast!

Went to TM with mum and sister. Got cousin’s Christmas present. As for TT, I refused to buy the Bloom from Winx Club. Oh… the dolls are so so soooooo ugly… Sis sent the 2 of us back. *so nice*

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