Great… they are late AGAIN. Sigh… Who? The people from PHP. QN and HB came in and put their things and thats it. Then the rest? Hmm… Oh yes, I saw HT when we just announced that the training had been cancelled. Great.

Later will be going to watch Quarantine with Zhu Zhu! And then passing the earrings to ES. Oh… I’m so so busy. Syl couldn’t meet up today for lunch, so we arranged to meet tomorrow instead. Wonder how is she… Must remember to let her know regarding BQ’s cycling trip.

Just had a tea break with HS and YB. Sigh… So nice to have a chat with them and they are really funny! I really miss those days in Comtech… When everything is still SO messy. Yes… I missed those days… Raining now… Uncle BY is back in TW. Heard from YB that a lot of people will be “laid off”. Sigh…

O.O *Trembling*… I felt my legs jellied and my hands were trembling when I stood up from the seat… The movie, Quarantine, had just ended. It’s about this lady and her camera man. They were filming some programmes, and on that night, it was about a night of the firemen. And then this phone call came and they went to see what’s going on. And apparently there was this crazy woman and she started biting the policeman and throwing another fireman down the stairs. And then… all of them were locked – QUARANTINED. Story? There was this Boston guy, who was a terrorist, and he invented this virus (biological weapon) and apparently he either tested it on himself or somewhere, there was a mistake, and he got the virus. And then there was a lot of rats, which somehow… they ran out and the residents staying there got the virus too. And whoever that got it will turn very violent and crazy (started biting people and becoming like zombies). Probably to you, it’s not scary but I knew… I was in shock, though I probably watched only 1/2 of the movie (as usual for horror movies). I just want to sleep… and rest…

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