Friends? Really?

Almost overslept again. Luckily managed to wake up at 8.45am. Today supposed to have lunch with Syl. ^^ Wednesday already and I still have lots of things to do.

Met Syl. She’s getting better, I guessed. Chatted a lot with her. Triggered a lot of my memories. My love life? It’s always in a mess. Or maybe it’s me who is the caused of all the mess. Too cute? Too complicated? I don’t know. I’ve got lots of friends, good friends but I think I destroyed quite a bit. Though I’m glad that some remain “intact” till now. And I don’t want to destroy them now. I was telling her, that I have this good guy friend, who… is getting married soon. And when I heard that news, I was a little sad. Why? I don’t know. Recalling back… I knew him for a long while. And we are not those friends who will see each other often. In fact, probably we only get to see or contact each other 2-3 times a year. But we clique rather well and when either of us is down, the other will be there. The weird thing is, we are never together. And what’s even more weird is, we seem to have ‘something’ for each other, just that neither of us mentioned anything. Probably we are such good friends till we find it weird if we are really together. Anyway, I just want him to be happy. And I’m glad that I have my Zhu Zhu now. Hmm… later I’m seeing him again!

Saw this email from BK saying that staffs who never participate in the DnD will not qualified for the lucky draw… It’s not me who wants to be in TW!!! *CRY* And then now I asked Uncle BY if there will be anyone washing the clothes for us and doing all the household chores and he actually said PROBABY NOT! I really felt like I’m some “Ban-ga-la” working overseas…

I’m now somewhere at a void deck somewhere around Zhu Zhu’s house. Sometimes, I just want him to be a little bit, just a little bit MORE considerate. Just now, I went to knock on the door, and nobody answered. And when I called him, guess where he is? He’s still in Orchard. Why? Because he went to the gym. Great. Doesn’t he have a sense of timing? I rushed out from office today because we are going back my house for dinner tonight. But when I reached here, I’m like WTF! By him reaching home late, it means that we will reach my home late. And then what? I don’t want my mum to wait for us either! And can’t he just let me know at least. Is going to gym so important? I seriously don’t understand what he’s thinking! And he asked me to go into the salon to wait. HELLO! You are the one who is familiar with that lady, NOT ME! And I don’t see your mum there! WTF. I better go and get some food to eat if not later I’ll argue with him again already. In fact, I think I already would. F.

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