Bright Auburn

That’s the colour of my hair, as in the title. Damn. I’m so tired now. I’m in the office and it’s 9.52am and I’m so tired. Irritated by someone’s email. Sigh… At least IC don’t irritate me in this way. Somehow, I hate people who are very “long air”, as what TN called it. 3 emails, all asking me questions about my SOW. Is my language that bad such that I wrote the sentence until so badly? Well, slept at 2am this morning and woke up at 6am to go back to Zhu Zhu’s house. It’s him. Yes. He reached back at only 7pm so in the end we had dinner at 9pm. And then started our colouring of hair at 10pm+. By the end of the whole thing, it was already 1am in the morning. Sigh… I still got a long day ahead with no MSN. Shit.

I’m not kidding. I don’t feel any sense of belonging ever since I went to TW. I felt like a Ban-Ga-La now when they mentioned that they want to apply for work permit… Sigh…

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