Email & MSN Blocked

At this rate of restriction… I believe a lot of people will start to go… DT just sent an email saying that all webmails and MSN will be blocked due to security. I don’t understand. We use the internet through Opera, so… why can’t we even check our own email? Sigh… Life at work is so XXXX now.

Suddenly thought of something. Currently when I come back, I can go back to the office and there’s no need to take leave BUT what will happen in the future? After I applied for work permit? Does it means that everytime when I’m back, I will need to apply for leave? I’ve got only 18 annual leaves! =.=”’

This month spent a lot. I forgotten about CC’s wedding. $200 gone. SY said that she won’t be going tomorrow because something cropped up. Seriously, I don’t really believe her considering the fact that previously (twice), she asked me if she should go to CC’s wedding. Sigh…

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