Resort @ Seletar Camp

Early in the morning, we went to Hougang Mall to get the food and drinks. And then after that, I wrapped the Christmas presents and then we are off! To the resort at Seletar Camp! It was a very quiet place, rather nice for a rendevous! ^^

BBQ started! So nice to be back home, with these small gatherings. Sigh… Why do I have to go overseas to work? And it’s not as if I’m given a lot of money! Sigh… Must really save money!

So funny! WZ don’t drink alcohol so we bought the Jolly Shandy for him (which he still complaint that there’s liquor taste). And then when the whole thing ended, and we left quite a bit of beer, we started to play “Zhong Ji Mi Ma” just to make WZ drink! But in the end, my mum and Godma drank the most! WZ drank once because he guessed the number 65 instead of 66! And it’s my turn! So fun! I love my family! ^^

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