It was a nice breezy morning… It was drizzling… I just finished eating and shitting in the toilet. This place is really nice.

TMD! I ONLY never start the engine because you were standing in front of the car, wiping it. Why do you have to raise your voice just because of that?! F*

F*! So what if I dropped the food in the car?! Wipe it can already what! Do you have to make a big fuss?!

Sigh… Sometimes I really feel so tired… Why is it always like that? WHY? It’s not the first time, not with this guy, but with all others… I really feel very tired. I don’t know why I’m like always in the wrong? Am I? No… don’t even think of that…

K&G was really funny. JK brought his “boyfriend” for the dinner. A young chap of age 22. So young… Anyway, they’d decided to go for a tour at Batam from 30 Jan – 1 Feb. Terrorist…

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