My Zhu Zhu Is Coming…

Yes! He’s on the plane! Soon! I’ll be seeing him in another 5 more hours! Woo-hoo!

Shit! There’s no more bus to the airport! Ah!!!!…

Finally got to the airport, reached at 4pm, rather early. Took the speed train just now, spent quite a bit but it’s okay because my Zhu Zhu is coming!

Yeah! He reached! And he’s wearing a long sleeve t-shirt which I thought it looks rather nice on him. And it’s the first time that I saw him wearing that! Or maybe, it’s just that I like guys who wear long sleeve t-shirt.

After dropping their BIG luggage in the apartment, we went to the Feng Jia Night Market where we ate an extremely HOT teppanyaki. And then Zhu Zhu (and his mum) kept complaining that the food ain’t nice. Who said that TW’s food is nice? Not me. But it’s not NOT nice, it just doesn’t suit my taste.

Do you know why the luggage is so BIG? Because the mum didn’t want to squeeze on the bed with us, so she brought 3 blankets! =.=”’ *Totally speechless*

The mum slept real early, I think she fainted. It’s weird… to have someone sleeping there. And…

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