Bad Combination

I don’t know is it a good idea to ask them to come here. Or maybe it’s just the combination… it doesn’t seem good. Early in the morning, I woke up and realised that I’m late for work. No, that’s not the worse part. The thing is, his mum woke up at like 6am and had been ‘cleaning’ up the room already. =.=”’ Well… that happens when ‘mums’ are around… And then after that, I’ve got my lazy Zhu Zhu who is still sleeping. Sigh… And then there was some small arguments because Zhu Zhu still felt like sleeping but he wanted to bring his mum for breakfast. In the end, I left them at home and went to work (that was the original plan, wasn’t it?).

Yes! Uncle BY was really nice! He let me off instead of working although I never apply for any leave. It’s really good to have a boss like him. Sigh… but too good to let me leave this company willingly. A bit not responsible if I just dump him in TW right?

I forgotten what did WZ say but suddenly, the mum popped a “touch shit” and you can see the both of us just stare at each other, trying hard not to giggle. I think you know what the mum is trying to say, right? ^^

We went to the KTV and it was really funny! First time I really hear him mum singing and it was really a little terrible. And that WZ was still giggling when his mum started to sing. Duh!

Went to Zhong You shopping mall and the Yi Zhong Street. The mum really don’t like to shop nor eat. Die… Don’t know what to do for the next few days…

Yes! Uncle BY went TP so we are all alone in the apartment! Managed to psycho his mum to sleep in another room. Today its just me and Zhu Zhu alone in the room! *Evil smile*

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