I Dreamt Of Him…

I’m sick. Totally concussed in a foreign country. I took 2 panadols last night (after being persuaded by my beloved Zhu Zhu). And then I had this dream… it’s weird… I dreamt of him. And it’s a rather real dream, logical too. I dreamt of me and him, somehow walking together, hand-in-hand. No, we are still just friends, but we were holding each other’s hands. Our status is the same (as in real life). And then, she came. Naturally, we let go of our hands and of course she was furious. But she couldn’t really say anything because she (recently) broke up with him. But maybe (again), they were still “entangled” with each other. And the worse thing is, we were at the zoo! It’s quite amusing, somehow… Well, I’m now in the office at 12pm. Couldn’t wake up at 8.30am, heads were rather heavy. Got to try and drink more water today. I can’t be sick on Christmas!

I really feel like killing the BN.

It’s already 3pm and I don’t feel like working. How? My head still seems a little heavy… a few days without Uncle BY around. Hmm… how am I supposed to finish my work?

Hmm… That new lady, the new accountant from TP, seems rather friendly and chatable. But I think she’s those who prefers cleanliness. Still, she seems a nice person. Finally finished the SOW for CM-416 which IC chased me. Oh well, I don’t really care if I did a good job. My brain ain’t working and… I don’t have the mood to work for a rather long time. Same goes for my P.P. How? Teach me how. I’m going to sleep now. My nose went back to SG with my Zhu Zhu already. Sigh…

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