Nose Pain

Because of the running nose, my nose is so painful now due to the rubbing and sneezing and blowing. Sigh… Uncle BY going back to SG today. Just now he asked me to work from home. Maybe I will. Then wash my hair too. How am I feeling? Still not too good but in a way, better, though my head still feels a bit goggy. Don’t really know why I’m in the office though. I’ve got emails to reply but… Well, probably later I’ll reply them. I trying to plan my schedule for next year. Seems like I can go back rather often, just need a little topping up.

Sometimes I felt like I’m stuck in my job. Everytime when I want to leave, somehow… something stopped me. Like now. I never planned to stay in TW for so long. I had only wanted to stay until Feb, that’s what I promised. But in the end, they wanted me to stay for another 6 months, otherwise I would not (stupid IC interrupts me but never mind, I’m just not in a good mood because I’m sick) know what I will be doing. Yes. It’s not really a choice (in a way). Well, what can I do? I don’t have any savings and I’ve got so many fixed expenses every month which totals up to about $2,000. The rat race. Yes. It’s fine, I’m staying for another 6 months. But because of the work permit, I need to stay for 183 days starting from the day the work permit is being approved! Doesn’t matter, I think they will let me start the next “contract” after my first one ended anyway. And after some calculations, I can only finished the whole thing by end of September 2009. Should I leave then? It’s another 4 months to AWS and 6 months to bonus day. But if I were to stay, I probably would stay till Feb 2010, then how about my interior design course? Start in Jul 2010? Is that a bit too late? And how about the tax? Does that mean for 2010 if until Feb, it will be less than 183 days?! Stay until June 2010? O.O”’

I was chatting with my mum a while ago. Well, I’m back in apartment now, trying to rest and GET WELL but then there was calls from SV and then in the end I’ve got to work a little. Anyway, I told my mum that I can save like $1,000 a month and she was saying that it was too little. Was it? Am I still spending a lot? I’m trying to plan for 2009 now. It doesn’t seem that right to continue after the 183 days. I mean… I miss my Zhu Zhu and so on… And if I continue to stay, its another 6 more months, which is… a lot. I mean, 6 months to bonus day is still rather long, right?

I made 5 little pairs of earrings. Hmm… no business. Why? Because I never advertise! *LOL*

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