Until End Sep ’09

Alright. I think I won’t extend it any longer than that. It’s too much already. I had actually only planned till early February, and then after starts to look for another job after I get my bonus. But apparently they were thinking along the same line – a lot of people will leave after getting the bonus. So… I seriously need to start planning (and saving).

NL is so funny. She’s afraid that I will faint and not get well because I always skipped my breakfast. And now she got me the “Tong Luo Shao” (the one that Doraemon likes to eat). So nice right? She’s going TP for 6 months too. One of the reasons why I don’t mind going over.

Came back from lunch. Went out with NL, CW and CJ. Had lunch at a shop called “Miss Cow” (literally translated). Not too bad, for the soup but the rice ain’t so nice. Uncle CW insisted that I drank the beef soup =.=”’ Oh well, luckily it tasted quite alright. My sickness? I think I’ll be alright once I reached back to SG! ^^

Uncle BY just asked me not to discuss my package with the rest of the people. A bit late… I think I told a few of them already? Hmm… I mean, the last thing I knew was… it was standardized across the board. How would I know that they are getting lesser than that?! Terrible… what I’m getting, I already think it’s pathetic, and now imagine if they are getting lesser… =.=”’ Is our company facing “Closing down soon…”? Sometimes I wonder if this blog is safe… I hope no one is reading this… It’s just a place for me to complain and nothing else.

I realised… a lot of people I can’t really trust. Maybe I should consider changing the URL of my blog from time to time…

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