Waiting For My Package

The time is 10.10am. I’m waiting for the package to arrive. But I can’t wait for too long. By 10.30am, I have to leave already, else I will be really late for my flight. I need to take the 11.00am train, or latest, the one at 11.36am. Hmm… 20 minutes more. I’d checked the website, it said that my package was sent out! But… but… I haven’t receive it! Sigh… I hate to wait…

So funny. Lil’ P was telling me that the new guy – AL, thought that I’m 24 only. Well, its amusing, really. I mean,… am I happy? I’m more of used to it and thinking that it’s rather fun to “tease” people about my age. Put it this way, when I’m in Secondary, people still think I’m in Primary. Then when I’m in JC, people still think I’m in Secondary… and so on, and so forth. I always look a few years younger than my age. And there are even people who looks so amazed when they know my REAL age. Good thing? Well, there’s good and there’s bad. And I’m still waiting for my package… 10.20am…

I’m on the train now. On my way to the Taoyuan train station. Was rushing just now. Luckily I made it in time. *LOL* Just now, as I was about to leave the office. I saw this guy carrying a box when I reached the lobby. I thought… “Hmm… I have a feeling that it IS my package” but then I wasn’t sure. And then I proceed to 7-11 to buy the bread that my Darling wanted. And then I was thinking, why not just call NL for a while, and let her know that if she DID receive the package, just keep it for me. And guess what? That IS my package! Amazing huh? Well, I took it, rushed back to the apartment, made the earrings and then rushed out and made it just in time for the 11.36am train. *PHEW* That was close… I was still thinking, what will happen if I’m late. Will the plane wait for me? Hmm… I mean, after all, I checked in like on Sunday already? Anyway, I’ll soon be back and now I took out my notebook out because there’s this guy sitting beside me, typing away, and I just don’t feel like them thinking that “Hey, I’m working.” Right… I’m working too, and typing in ENGLISH too! Oops… Sorry… Can’t help it. *giggles*

I’m waiting to board the plane now. So… bored. My hp is flat so I switched it off just now already. Bought the sun biscuits and the yam biscuits for DP and mum respectively. Sleepy… I hope they change the TV menu because the December one SUCKS! I’d watched almost all the movies in it, other than those in other languages, if you know what I meant. Sigh… 5 more hours!

Yes! I’m so glad its On-Demand one! I watched Wall-E (SO CUTE!!) and Wanted (Not too bad).

I’m back again!

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