X’mas Eve With K&G

I took leave today, totally don’t feel like going into the office. Well, I met EZ for breakfast at TB. She’s still the same, slightly slimmer by a bit. Haven’t found a job yet though. Anyway, I complained to her like how we used to. It was really nice to have her around then. At least, I’ve got someone whom I can complaint too (or vice versa) when we ain’t that emotionally or mentally balanced. But now…

Well, lunch came and Zhu Zhu came to meet me at TB. We rest at home for a short while and by 3pm, we set off to my house where we, DON’T HAVE TO COOK THE POTATOS! Yes!

Time to “CHIONG” my level!!!! I’m stuck at level 27 and Zhu Zhu and Leon all level 40+ already! Must catch up with them!

It was rather fun celebrating with them. So funny. And the WY seems to be more “opened” to us. R and J are so lovey dovey. We played some games and then Christmas came! I was so sleepy until I dozed off at 4am.

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