No BA Around

I reached office and SK was shocked to see me here. Why? Because BY is on leave and I’m back, which means, there’s no BA in TW! Sometimes… I wonder how come they cannot be a bit more relax. The “rules” start from January, so… Sigh… It’s so troublesome right? And SK was mentioning that WT was rather angry and going to shoot Uncle BY. Sigh… Come, come… sack me… I really wonder why I’m still in this company sometimes… WHY? Everything have changed… *Singing: everything is changing and I don’t feel the same…*

I looked at the comments in the SOW for CM-415 and then I stopped… I don’t feel like continuing. The discussions that me and F had… Oh… Sigh… Why am I still in this company? I looked around, everyone seems so dead. I used to like this company a lot, used to. The people here but then now… everything seems to change. It’s so quiet now. I don’t feel a sense of belonging no more. But neither do I really like to be in TW. So why do I still agreed to stay for ANOTHER 6 months? Just because I haven’t get my bonus (if any)? The year is ending… normally I’ll be really happy and making plans for next year but… what now?

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