VPL – Variable Pulsed Light

Meeting SO for lunch today and she’s treating! ^^ For the past few days, I totally don’t have the mood to work. And I even thought that today was Wednesday in the morning, and I get to go off at 3pm. Sigh… too bad it isn’t. Well, let’s see what stupid things will come up today.

Gosh… BW actually complaining about IC because she never gave him any answers. Well… I think it’s not really her fault. I mean, she’s here in SG and there’s nothing she can do, right? Yes, yes… the new rules.

Oh… I spent money again. 30 sessions + topping up of about $800 for VPL (Under arm) a.k.a. Variable Pulsed Light which is used to remove the armpit’s hair PERMANENTLY! *LOL* Well, I was tempted, to do this a long time ago, because it’s really irritating to keep shaving. Plus, I need to have at least like 3 shaves, which I don’t have now. And sometimes it’s really irritating to need to shave almost everyday! Anyway, that’s it. It cost about $2,000 by the way, for 10 sessions.

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