CC’s New House

I couldn’t sleep anymore, since my bebe wasn’t beside me… So I woke up and started killing the monsters again. And then, I thought of SS. Well, she did ask me out for breakfast, and so I called her. Anyway, got dragged by her to Hougang Mall instead of Hougang Green. Chatted with her for quite a while. She did slim down a little, just a little. But well, at least she did. Bought a belt for myself and… that’s about it. I went home and tried to level up again.

Boon just sms to say that the dinner will be brought forward to 5.30pm because JY needs to go off early.

Yes, finally we reached CC’s place. Somewhere further than DG but the living room is big. $375,000. Hmm… Well, the food was ok, I mean, what do you expect out of steamboat. Took quite a lot of stupid photos and then they ended up playing poker cards using chips, proudly brought by CTYL. And then when we finally went off, we saw a summon! Apparently all 3 of us – Zhu Zhu, Boon and DL all got it. Sigh… $20 gone…

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