My First $10,000

OMG! Just saw the email that SK gave birth to her 2nd son already! And on the 1 Jan 2009! OMG!!! SO CUTE!!! I also want a baby! *LOL*

I felt so proud when I look at that digit – $10,004.88. No, it’s not a lot but it IS to me. I’ve never save that much in my whole life, of 28 years. Put it this way, the maximum that I ever did was when I was still a kid, and my mum saved it for me, and it reached like less than $4,000 and that’s it. Otherwise, the amount probably will be gone after a month. And most of the time, I’m in “credit” mode. But, I really need to ensure that I’ll never touch that money. Seriously. Heard that the bonus won’t be good, which I’m prepared to get only ONE month. Plus the fact that I might decide to just quit and go without finding a job first. PLUS I need to save like $30,000 before I can get married (rule stated by Zhu Zhu… sigh… how come he cannot pay more? *sulk*).

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