My HR / Company SUCKS!

I’m seriously really starting to feel so frustrated about the whole issue of moving over to TW. I totally don’t know what’s their problems. And if they really want this business to continue! To let go good staffs with experience? To not allow staffs to go over because of some requests which they thought was a bit too much? Then? Start afresh?! LORD! I really don’t know what they are thinking… do they think that by just TRAINING those new staffs, everything will work out fine? Yes, probably they will, but not after 6 months? And worse of all, they expect the not so experience staffs to train the new staffs. Great huh? I give up! Hell with this company. I’m going after I end my contract. KNN.

OMG! I didn’t know that there’s promotion for SQ ticket! AT just checked the SQ site and it cost like only $600 per person!! And guess what? My Darling will be coming with my mum and all during April!! Together? Yes… although it might be together… but… well… I thought that Darling should try SQ for once right? I mean, after all… you don’t get a lot of chance to take SQ due to promotions! ^^

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