Cockroach In Water Cooler

Oh… suddenly I felt my stomach a little pain… Is it because of the cockroach? Just now, there was a big commotion outside, and guess what? They found a cockroach in the pipe of the water cooler. And apparently… for don’t know how many days… I’d been drinking water that was filtered by a cockroach! -.-”’

That stupid LC still NEVER reply. I don’t understand what’s the problem. IF you don’t have the answers, then SAY “I don’t know”. It’s just that simple… why let people wait? And wait… and wait…

I had a chat with NN just now. I really feel like going away. As much as I don’t feel like it, can’t bear to… I felt that I need to go, and go back to SG. And the only way, its to just Q&G. The more I think, the more I won’t leave, right?

Alright, just checked with LC, finally. My WP had been approved, so can start counting the 183 days. As for the contract, it’s 6 or 7 months and will start from 1 February 2009. Hmm… which means… I can go off like end of August! ^^

Suddenly, I thought of how I want my dream wedding to be… I want a DANCE FLOOR in a garden!!!

Just went for lunch with NL and CW. Ate until really full *phew* Bought lots of doughnuts from Mister Donut. Actually, it’s really fun to be with them. Luckily both will be going down to TP.

Finally finished the draft for CM-415 and sent to BY. Tired. Changed until I blur… Oh, Joe just came online… But I’m looking for Jack and not Joe. Damn, he went offline already. I’m so inspired to start my own clothing line. Hmm… and of course other things, all related to designing. Maybe I went into the wrong line, IT line. I should have gone into the designing path. Well, it’s not too late right?

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